Free LScript plugin: Legato Organizer


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Free LScript plugin: Legato Organizer.
It's isolated from the Legato main plugin so you can apply this function without overhead.

Legato Organizer converts this Schematic view (of a Genoma rig in this case):


into this:


You may want to optimize it manually into something like this:


To use: select the item that is on top of the hierarchy that you want to organize, then apply Legato Organizer (I assigned it to keyboard shortcut Alt+O).

Within 1 or 2 seconds you should see the result:
first, the selected item is moved below its parent
then, its child items are organized underneath that selected item.

You may "manually" optimize specific sections of your hierarchy by repeating this procedure (hence the keyboard shortcut)
in case there are more levels this plugin is able to handle.

Have fun!


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Please note:
  1. You don't need to select child items prior to moving subhierarchies. Select parent item and then moving that item does the same job.
  2. You can move the parent of each limb to a position first, then run the plugin again for that subhierarchy only.
  3. Legato Organizer is able to handle multiple selected items. Simply Shift+LMBclick to multi-select each hierarchy parent, then run the plugin. Each hierarchy will be organized to the parent of the selected hierarchy parent, in reversed order of selection (the first selected item is handled last). You may even select multiple items in the same hierarchy because each item is processed completely before its moving to the next item. The plugin is fast enough to allow multiple runs.
  4. Legato Organizer handles parent-child relations only. If you want to combine items with their target or pole item you need to do this manually.
I have to be careful now. More ideas come to mind for a Pro edition!
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