Free looping backgrounds for use in Tricaster/VT

Joel Holland

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To create exposure for their new looping backgrounds product line, Footage Firm is giving away a set of 10 DVDs with over 250 high definition and standard definition backgrounds that loop indefinitely:

The video loops work well with TriCaster and a VT, loading natively into the DDR which is particularly great for titling and transitions. (The SD files are on the DVDs in AVI format which loads right in).

Footage Firm is also giving away a collection of 10 DVDs with 500 SD looping backgrounds (no HD included):

To see all of the other content they are giving away (sound effects and stock footage), you can visit:

Enjoy, and have a Happy New Year!

- Joel


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While I'm not endorsing a sales guy on his first post, I will say I took advantage of their 10 disk HD stock footage offer earlier this month.
We only browsed the DVD's so far, but it was pretty decent, expecially FREE! :hey:

Of course, a 10 disc set costs $89.00 for shipping, but I'm still pleased as heck with the deal.
I'll have to check out the backgrounds.

Joel Holland

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I'm glad you enjoyed the footage, Ted!

And in the spirit of full disclosure I should have mentioned in my first post that I am indeed with Footage Firm. So if anyone has any technical questions about the content let me know. We have several TriCasters and a VT5 here that we use for webcasting, and our backgrounds are particularly useful for live productions.


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Joel, Thanks for pointing that out. I figured as much. We get a little sensitive when people use this forum to hock their wares.

But….. we are glad to have people that own NewTek products and improve our lives with solutions hock their wares. :D
I’ll have to check out your webcasts.
Keep up the good work!


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It's free but shipping is $93?, new products that work with VT[5] & TriCaster are always cool though. I may get a set too.


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I have a couple of their DVDs and just moments ago ordered another one for a specific project that I'm working on.

They work great.

I didn't know about the 'Tricaster Connection' when I first bought their product.
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