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Krazy Kiwi
I thought I should post up a new 2013 generic post here. The NZLWUG ("Kiwavers") - we're still in business (I'm still sacrificing a day each month) and believe it or not, its now in its 15th year (almost 16th) starting back in 1997, something I have to say I'm pretty proud of achieving (or I'm just crazy - probably both) :hey:.

Obviously numbers are a lot less these days, but we're still looking at great art from those who still frequent the meetings. Artists in general (including non-LW) are always welcome - afterall, we're all about art and networking - as well as obviously still supporting what LW user-base is still left here in New Zealand.

So if you're a local in NZ (or travelling to NZ at some stage and want to catch up) then let me know... We'd like to meet with more artists here...

Usual meetings:
Every 3rd Thursday of the month, 6:30 til late (well, 10:30 at the latest)
Yoobee School of Design
3 City Road

We do have a website, however its been corrupted and needs a good rebuild. I've since set up a blogger site (not properly set up yet - still running a stock theme with general images (including a nice puppy picture, btw)) where I'll be starting to feed information into... So do come and check us out.

The currently off-line website is here. This may be phasing out however in favor of the free blogspot site.
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