For Aura 2.5b / VT[2]-3866: Ease 2.0 / ToolBox 1.1


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For Aura 2.5b / VT[2]-3866: Ease 2.0 / ToolBox 1.1

Now that Aura 2.5b (standalone or VT[2] build 3866+) is finally
available, you're all set for Ease 2.0 and ToolBox 1.1.

Ease 2.0
Ease is a keyframe generator that allows the creation of smooth,
frame-accurate, point-to-point, ease'd parameter changes for many
Aura filters - such as KeyFramer. With Ease, fast-in/slow-out, medium-
in/slow-to-fast/fast-to-medium/fast-out, or any of MILLIONS of other
possible parameter change variations can be designed. It's so ease-y
that you'll wonder how you ever worked without it!

Designed specifically for Aura 2.5b or Video Toaster [2] Build 3866+,
Ease 2.0 is based on our very popular plug-in Ease-KF (formerly Ease
1.1), but benefits from numerous additional features.

For more details follow this link:

ToolBox 1.1

"I use ToolBox AT LEAST every 20 seconds. I could never go back to
using Aura without it!" - Paul Fierlinger, independent animator since

Have you been wishing for a quick and easy way to access commonly
used Aura pen and text configurations? Do you wish that you could
create custom pens with icons that look like what the pen does? Or
keep track of often used text settings? Do you need access to a lot
of George scripts, but find Aura's George panel occupies valuable
screen area?

Then the waiting is over, because ToolBox does all that... and a lot

ToolBox 1.1 adds additional support for Custom Pen Profiles when used
with Aura 2.5b, as well as several new tools.

For more details follow this link:


where do you go to get food for Aura and Video Toaster?
the restaurant of course. no reservation necessary.


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Ease is Great!

When I first bought Aura, I always thought that the keyframer was extremely limiting - I could not control any acceleration or deceleration! - But now, for logos, intros, anim brushes and those disney-esque animation multilayer zoom-throughs* and pans - I pretty much use it evertime I load Aura. - Evar

* you know them and have seen them Im sure - eg. camera movement through woods, using like 10 separate layers of trees - each layer keyfamed to move out towards you, zooming through until the last two trees part and reveal the establishing shot of..... - it really doesnt look right when the layers move with a constant velociy.
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