Folders and Colorcoding in the layer panel

peter wassink

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just like the latest photoshop versions have

the "new"(since Aura 2) collapseable layers, help a lot to make your project overseeable (is this english?)

but when it exceeds 20 layers it can become confusing to navigate

so the option to colorcode layers and organize them in groups
would greatly enhance oversight on any project


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Here here! - I absolutely agree. Organizing or being able to group layers would be phenominal - for them to be linked as well, so that when you move the group, the rest of the layers move as well.

- also, I intuitively try to scroll down and up through layers with my mouse whell, but it doesnt work (or is this just me?)

peter wassink

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yes Evar!.... i have the same problem, the mousewheel makes my brush bigger and smaller, and i'm not able to change it in the ctrl-k (keyboard shortcuts set up) because i tried to assign layer-up and layer-down to the scroll wheel but it didn't work :mad:

another thing that would help to organise one's project is:
the possibility to move collapsedlayers
(now you first have to un-collapse a layer before you can change its order)


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psd files

speaking of Photoshop, is there anyway for Aura 1 to read psd files? how 'bout .tiffs? i always have trouble with these and have to have clients resend them in other formats. Is there an Aura 3 shipping with Toaster 3? if so, does it solve these problems?



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Suggest improvements

Aura users in general:
The best place to post suggestions for improvements is the TVPaint website, because the developers of Aura/TVP do not monitor this list. You will get a response from Sebastien to every post on the TVP website, because he is personally invested in making Aura/TVP the best software the team can create.
Paul F.


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speaking of Photoshop, is there anyway for Aura 1 to read psd files?


Not sure about Aura 1, but Aura 2 will open PSD files and retain the layers if it is opened as the project, i.e. not as an import.
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