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Amiga 4000, Video Toaster Flyer 4000. I resurrected my old Flyer system. I'm feeding a video signal from a stable JVC SR-HD1250 DVD recorder to the Toaster's input 1 and to the Flyer's Y/C input. When I go to the Flyer's record window and set the Source Input 1 I can see the video and hear audio and can record that to the Flyer's drives - no problem. When I set the Source to Y/C I can hear the audio, but get a black screen for the video and if I record this I get a white screen for video and the audio plays back fine. I have tried passing the Y/C through two different types of TBCs and get the same results - no video. Back in the day it all worked fine. What oh what am I not doing right? Software, or hook up? Any ideas?


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I don't believe NewTek ever enabled the Y/C ports. There were third party Y/C cards back then that would give you this feature.


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Would this be of any help?

The link below gives more help a little later in the video.
Recording footage with Y/C
Hi Shabazzy. That YouTube video is just the one that sent me into this research. It clearly shows S video being plugged into the Flyer's Y/C input. The video seems to predate the Flyer release and it probably was wishful thinking rather than eventual fact. NewTek probably never made the Flyer's video inputs active. There were third party Y/C cards for input to the Flyer. As for my Flyer I can use the Toaster inputs and I can also run Y/C into a TBC before going to the Toaster's component inputs. This is another excellent YouTube video that shows the Toaster's Input 2 being used to record to the Flyer.


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I think what I'd do to get a definitive answer, is contact the boys at @DiscreetFX. They used to do training for the Video Toaster and even produced a manual on it (if I rememeber rightly).

If anyone is still there from the Toaster days, they'd definitely know what the situation is regarding the Y/C input.

Give them a shout.
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