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During the pandemic, the Tricaster mini is collecting dust (ughh). However, I was asked to film/stream a few High School sport events. I had the following set up: 1 canon camera > Blackmagic minirecorder (SDI) > Macbook Pro > OBS > Flexy Score (scoreboard) > Youtube Live. The Flexy Score Graphic Soreboard was pulled into OBS via "Web Browser" input.

The process worked. Not flawless, but I was happy with the end product. In regards to the Graphics, I was able to pull a scoreboard via Flexy Score. Now, when I go back to the Tricaster will I be able to pull Flexy Score?

Anyone else utilized Flexy Score?


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I had a quick look at this, reminds me of LivePanel's built-in scoreboard (I haven't looked at that for a while, but I don't recall it having a time counter - could be wrong).

IT's not stated anywhere I could find quickly whether the Flexy output method supports an alpha channel or not, looks like maybe it's just outputting the whole page, or maybe cropping the web[age downstream? It doesn't appear to be a WebRTC-based system, is it?

Anyway, Live Call Connect on a TC2E would let you bring in a webpage (any webpage), and position and crop it ... or you could manage the webpage externally on a laptop and use NDI Scan Converter to acheive much the same thing with most TriCasters.


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Cropping works. Just tried it.
I purchased the Pro version ($25 annual). Limitations are as follows; Can't change the font or color. But Im happy with the look. Timer works. For baseball, the strikes and balls, and men on base are great feature. So far, It works well with Tricaster
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