First mainstream UK TV Channel based primarily on NDI® goes live.

There is also a certain irony, if someone is reading from the King James Version, and the government is calling it hate speech. smh. If the government was actually serious about this issue, the Crown would stop licensing publishers to reproduce it. Yet, they haven't. hmm.
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And this is why when you rule, govern, judge, make proclamations that affect people's lives that are based solely on emotion, irrationality and feelings, qualities that are entirely subjective and transient, you create an environment for anarchy, revolt, and civil war.

People don't like change and need stability, safety and equality under the law in their societies. And when you have weak leadership, it undermines all of these things.

Our government.....

Actually no, our parliamentary system is so out of touch with the people it's supposed to represent and its purpose as set out by Oliver Cromwell, that the only connection to the public it has is via social and mainstream media.

Our mainstream media no longer have journalists who understand what their job description entails and get their stories straight from social media and the internet. Their sole purpose being to attract as much attention to their products so that they can attract advertising income and so will scrape any piece of garbage off social media, sensationalise it and call it news.

Social media is filled with entitled, spoiled, vacuous, ingrate Liberal hypocrits who have absolutely no clue about real life and the challenges that people who live in the real world have to face. But who are the most vocal, demanding, and loudest voices that the lazy mainstream media journalists are listening to and reporting on.

This in turn leads to our lazy MPs (Members of Parliament. Kind of like your Senators) making god awful decisions that cause divisions in society by passing laws that allow one voice to be heard and another voice to be outlawed. And all because they don't want to get on the wrong side of the Liberal media (both social and mainstream) and risk bad publicity, which in turn could potentially lead to them losing their seats in Parliament.

As you can tell, these politicians are very principled.

But, when the people are given a chance to really express how they feel at the Polling Stations, the politicians are always shocked by the results. They can't for the life of them understand how they got the pulse of the nation so wrong. This is what happened with Brexit. Parliament was only listening to the Liberal voices of London and not the rest of the nation (as usual).

This weak leadership is what's causing:
  • CRT to be taught in our schools.
  • Christianity (our national faith) to be denounced but other religions to be promoted and protected.
  • Traditional nuclear families to be destroyed.
  • Traditional values to be undermined and soon to be outlawed.
  • National pride to be demonised (because it's offensive to people from other nations who live here. However, this is according to the indiginous people of this country from the Left who have taken it upon themselves to speak for these people from other nations, but who have never ever thought it a requirement to actually ask these people from other nations if they were actually offended or not because... "well, we've got an agenda and we have to turn these people into 'victims of oppression' and use them as artillery to push that agenda. We can't risk them speaking for themselves. Oh no no no no no. That won't do at all. They might tell people the truth.").
  • Gender and sexuality? Oh man, that right there is an unnecessary political and legal cluster **** which is a direct result of Liberal irrational "thinking".
  • The rise of Marxism.
  • The suppression of masculinity (which is such a bad idea and will have terrible consequences in the West).
  • The blind eye turned by the police when "radicals" who destroy public and private property under the guise of protest are allowed to get away with it.
  • The list goes on.
All of these factors have lead to this country becoming a divided nation and up until now, the silent majority have remained silent and trusted that our politicians and lawmakers will do the right thing. But it has become increasingly apparent that that is not going to happen and that the concerns regarding the left leaning policies being pushed on the people is not going to be addressed. So battlelines have begun to be drawn and the people are taking matters into their own hands.

Brexit was the beginning. Organisations like Talk Radio, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, GBNews, Turning Point UK and online services like Parler, Locals, ThinkSpot, Duck Duck Go (yes, I know these are not British online services but the point still stands), along with individuals like Mahyar Tousi, Peter Hitchens, Carl Benjamin, Kemi Badenoch, Laurence Fox, Julia Hartley-Brewer, Nigel Farage and more, are all gaining more and more attention, influence and financial support from the general public because these groups and individuals are prepared to call it like it is. Not like Ideology dictates. And the people are liking it and growing in confidence to have their voices heard too. They are making their alignments and letting it be known that they can see that "The Emperor has no clothes on" and won't be bullied into believing otherwise by the loud mouthed minority.

They can see that the Left have gone too far and they are not going to stand for it any longer.

And that's when things could really start to get dangerous. Because the more the Left wing institutions force their ideologies on the people who don't want it, the more the people will resent the Left.

The more that resentment grows, well, that's when the real war will start and as Jigsaw said... "Oh yes. There will be blood".

How did we get to this point? I put it squarely at the feet of the Liberal demands for social changes that began in the 1960s. It started off well, but went unchecked and unchallenged for far too long.

Now, its become and inherited all the damnable values of the very thing it sought to do away with.

Irony it seems, is not without a sense of humour.
“to know their mind is to know madness”

apologies to the forum administrator for this conversation veering so far off course, but related to what the bazz wrote above, I must share this article, which, I think perfectly encapsulates the thinking behind the quote:

“We see this in the UK as well where there is a growing cadre of graduates every year going into jobs that don't need a degree. This leads to growing numbers of people that expected to be in the elite, but aren't.

The source of unrest is resentment among people that don't think they're getting their fair share, and have the organisational and communications skills to do something about it.”

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