Finder Behaviour for Dropped Streams


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Hi all,

First time post; please be gentle with me! :)

I am writing an application that grabs an NDI source off the network for as long as it can, if that source disappears then it falls back to another source. Simples! (c#, .Net Framework, latest SDK )

However I am fighting Finder behaviour that only ever seems to want to add source availability and does not ever seem to want to remove them. (this behaviour is apparently preferred for maintaining streams but that is not suitable for my use case, where I want to take active measures when a stream is unavailable).

eg: The example provided by the C# "Managed_NDI_Receive" never removes any unavailable sources, just adds new ones it finds; and as there is no "code" there, this seems to be the default behaviour for a Finder instance.

I have searched the forum here and found a couple of similar queries; but none with any definitive answer.

Is my only solution to start a new Finder instance every time I want to scan the network?
i.e. Start a finder, wait for it to get all the streams, save results, destroy it. Rinse and repeat?

This is annoying as the mDNS discovery takes a while, so you have to wait an arbitrary length time to get a definitive list of sources again. Is there no way to maintain a list of genuinely "current" streams on the network in a more dynamic fashion?

It not, then it would be a great feature to add in a future SDK, a bool option when establishing a Finder instance to select this behaviour like you do to show_local_sources now.

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