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I am trying to bring a VTP file into DVD Workshop, but am getting a file mismatch error message. I did run the Third Party installer after installing VT5. Never had a problem with this before in VT 4. Anybody else having a problem with this?

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I'm not sure if that's actually supported in VT[5].

Remember, the VTP loader stuff is based on what SpeedEDIT can do. And up till SE 1.5, there was NO VTP loader at all.

As of SE 1.5, the VTP loader to TMPGEnc was added and the universal AVI Wrapper was added. But I haven't heard of a VTP loader to DVD Workshop being mentioned, since frankly, the MPEG encoder isn't very high quality in DVD Workshop.

I realize there was a VTP loader to DVD Workshop in VT[4], but I'm not sure it's in VT[5].


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VTP with DVD Workshop

I talked to tech support last week about that problem. They said they were working on a patch that would allow that. They suggested rendering as an avi file. I did that and loading that file into Workshop caused it to crash. Tried several times. I tried uninstalling the Workshop that came with VT[5] and installing the one with VT[4]. That was a bad idea. It didn't work either and apparently uninstalled some files VT[5] needed because VT[5] wouldn't open. That required reinstall number 6 or so for VT[5].

What is a fairly inexpensive path to DVDs?


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BobHan said:
...What is a fairly inexpensive path to DVDs?
Render to avi or use the VTP loader to bring the project into TMPGEnc - available here:

You can then load this into DVD Workshop and if you tweak settings in the prefs for audio even get Dolby 2 sound (which also gives you more space for the video)
TMPGEnc 2.5 is only $37 and can give you much better quality. You do need to SEARCH for TMPGEnc posts here - there is a good deal of info avail on how to use for best results.
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