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I've read a lot about the Media DS system and I think it would solve quite a few problems for some of my clients. I understand that having the Media DS system in a facility (say a school or a corporation) allows you to stream throughout the internal network without the need of a CDN. What I'm not clear about is can you send a feed to the Media DS remotely using a Tricaster Mini or TC1? An example would be, there's a presentation in Florida for a company headquartered in Boston. The company doesn't want to have 500 people in the office all trying to access a stream through a CDN so would like to have it sent to the Media DS in Boston and accessed through the Media DS on their internal network. Is that possible or will it only work if the Tricaster and the Media DS are in the same location on the same network? Thanks!



NewTek SE
Depends on how you want to send your signal into the unit.

MediaDS has up to four channels of NDI (or SDI) input capability. If your plan is to use this input method, both the TriCaster and MediaDS would need to be on the local network with each other. You could also use a product like Medialooks or Sienna Cloud for NDI to transfer a NDI signal over public internet between the system.

Another option is to have the TriCaster create the stream, then send it to the Wowza streaming engine on the MediaDS using RTMP. From that standpoint your network would need to be setup so the TriCaster and send data to the correct network ports on the MediaDS, but doing this over public internet would be possible. You would need to configure the Wowza for this and setup your own page for people to access the stream, the preconfigured web pages on MediaDS will not work for this, so it would be something you would need to handle yourself.
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