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As I have been figuring out how FiberFX does things, I've been coming across one very annoying issue...

Lag as FiberFX decides it needs to update everything at every little change - updating parameters, changing light samples, scrubbing the timeline, and many other things that have nothing to do with FiberFX.

I have one scene in particular, with 4M fibers spread over two characters... scrubbing the timeline takes 30 seconds, updating FFX parameters about 15. Trying to pose characters via it's rig is similar, but it's for every mouse update.

Perhaps an option can be added to FiberFX to defer these updates until render time, so Layout can be interactive again while FFX is active? I can understand at the beginning and end of rendering (what I call the Load and Unload cycle), but with every other little event while FFX is active...?

If a number of people think this is a good idea, I'll submit it.


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I'm not sure I understand the issue; can't you just turn off the FiberFX while you are making lighting / animation adjustments, etc., then turn it back on when you are finished to do a spot check?

I mean, the scene is going to recalculate if you are making any change that affects FiberFX, just like it recalculates any time you make changes that affect bullet dynamics. So generally, if your changes are not in the FiberFX panel, then just turn them off until you are finished making changes and check it when you are finished.
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Yes, I can turn FFX off and then on. I've been investigating doing it by a master plugin, so I don't have to bring up pixel and image filter plugins, click to turn it off, make my adjustments, remember to turn it back on again before rendering...

I've documented 30 seconds of lag when FiberFX is active, just trying to scrub the timeline. I understand I might even be an outlier in my use of FFX (2-3 characters, 2M fibers each, 3-5 layers)(Please note that I am not a professional - I don't even play one on TV.), but that situation with any other plugin would be intolerable, and have users up in arms (pine knots and pitchforks, get 'em cheap while they last! :) ). Why should it be tolerable with this one? It degrades my user experience, using the plugin and software.

I just thought it would be a nice to have it there on the FiberFX panel, under the options tab, as an option. I shouldn't need to spend even that little bit of time turning it off, making my changes, turning it on... or spend the development time doing something that should be an option, IMHO.
For what it's worth, I would ask you to submit it as a bug/Feature request and explain, as you have here, why you see it that way.
I agree with you in that all effort should be made to give smooth operation, if that's through a button that turns things off -- like AE degrades the image while you are working on it, or an easier to access on and off button.

It's a turn-off to creative juices.


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Kryslin: its a long standing issue, and has to do with the vparm system... its been submitted... they are aware of it.


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Thanks for that bit of info, Oliver. I'll hold off on that feature request.

Hopefully, they can get it taken care of in one of these "under the hood" updates.


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Thanks for that bit of info, Oliver. I'll hold off on that feature request.

Hopefully, they can get it taken care of in one of these "under the hood" updates.

Actually, based on prior comments by Newtek, you should probably file on it anyway -- apparently they make some judgements about priority based on how many complain about stuff, and this might help give the bug in question a bit of a priority bump.
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