Fast scene navigator (experimental)

Tom Winnicki

New member

Experimental - meaning not completed yet (and this is also an understatement). Heh, I usually tend to kick my scripts out the door way before they get to a presentable level. Anyway, it's a master script for Layout which is intended to ease navigation in very large scenes. (Well, perhaps not as big as the space colony scene which is pretty damn frigging insane 1:1 planetary scale.) You can try it out by loading a large scene, then open the interface and move the mouse in the box. Switch view to the 'Nav' camera and move the mouse around the box.

This 'experimental' script uses the experimental mouse functions in LScript so it requires v2.5

More features such as panning along Y axis (of course), accel-panning (will explain what that means later), book marking positions, jumping to objects, etc. will come later.
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