Eyeon´s Fusion 5.1 USB version to sell

Mathias Stolley

New member

i have a full Version of Fusion 5 to with the complete Box tosell.
I put the downloaded update 5.1 on cd to the Box.
The Box comes with the handbook,the USB dongle, the programm cd and a dvd with tutorials and so.

I think eyeon want to have about 200 $ to switch the license and i want to have 2000 Euro plus about 40 Euro for shipping, depend on where i have to ship.
So i want about 2735 $(depend on the dollar/euro proportion) so you can have the full Version for about 3000$ instead of the $4,995.00 wich eyeon want.

Please send me an email if you are interested.
Maybe you want to talk about the price!?


Mathias Stolley
m_stolley @ gmx.de
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