extreme beginner to shockwave needs help


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Please would someone help me

im a lightwave modeller, briefly flirted with animation but not much

basically my boss has given me a job for a medical company where we need a realtime presentation of a hospital bed and all its funtionality, i need to do this in shockwave as far as i know but i dont know director past jumping around frames.

so can anyone give me advice as to how to do this in shockwave, its basically a click this button, this thing moves but while this is occurring the user can dolly the camera and rotate the obect etc.

any hints, plug in suggestions, websites or tutorials would be great, please help as i am out of my depth


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I would recommend you to create seperate objects for each movable part, and set their poivot points so that you can animate them through code instead of inside LightWave:


That rotates the model "bed-part-1" by 1 degree on the Z axis.

I am about to create some extensive LW-2-SW tutorials now, so stay tuned for goodies :)


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petterms -- I'm looking forward to your LightWave to Shockwave tutorials. Any information on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
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