Extra Buffer nodes

Thank you for fixing this, and thank you for the Denoiser filter too!

I've noticed Denoiser makes its job better in ImageFilter NE and when we apply in log space. So by working in linear light, it's better a lin2log operation before applying this filter.

The double PixelFilter trick is clever!


Gerardo, could you please post a scene or a screenshot of a basic setup for Denoiser ?
Every time I tried to connect Denoiser to the Image Filter Color input, Layout crashes :(
Hi Oliver,

My tests are probably with other version than yours (I'm with v9.3.1 until finish this project), but here is the preset of my previous test. Place it in //Presets/ImageFilterHandler/ImageFilter_NodeEditor/your folder.

Just in case you are under 9.5, here is how this preset looks like:


Thanks, Gerardo :thumbsup:
I am also with 9.3.1 due to some current projects.
I must have a problem (probably with my configs) since loading your preset also crashes Layout, here.
May be these issues came also from Denoiser node,
several fixes/changes today in both x32 versions (9.0 & 0.5),

-No bypass in Denoiser node with zero pass number, process a bit improved.
-Renamed the parameter input as "Sigma" and "Blur".
-LW Mixer crashed with Render Buffer node input.
-Fixed unstability with Blur and Denoise nodes (i.e: pluged in Mixer node).


Denis, again thanks so much for your cool work, these nodes are awesome! :thumbsup:

I've had some problems with the x64 compile, I get instant crashes when trying to render with the node image filter applied. Am i the only one?
The Win32 compile works just perfect though! :)
The 9.5 version.
The Node Pixel Filter (x64) works fine though :), it's just the Node Image Filter (x64) in the package that crashes when rendering. And it do this even with a completely empty scene, just applying the node image filter and pressing f9. So it seems like it's just the image filter and in the x64 package that has some kind of problem.
Sorry but can't test this myself,
until Marvin can get time to look into it,
be sure you removed older DP Filter x64 version
and re-added the new one, there are often
issues with this, any other confirmations
are welcome, thanks.

AA levels

Why is it that I have to turn the AA level up to something like 50 to get the buffers to show up. If I leave it at 10 or less the buffers are gone completely.
Could you detail what you means?

Speaking of LW Buffers, AntiAliasing Level should
not affect Buffer visibility.

Speaking of Extra Buffers, there are known limitations
which affect Renders, mainly Adaptive Sampling,
Advanced Cameras differ also from Classic Camera,
this affects render with AA in Pixel Filter node editor.

I am using the perspective camera with AS set to .01 and AA level originally set to 10 and then 100, with photoreal motion blur. Attached are two images of a sphere that is moving across the screen. I made the polys in the middle of the sphere a different surface to experiment with breaking up the object for rgb_matte passes. I piped the matte pass into the raw color channel. The images here are that channel rendered at 10 and 100 AA level. Nothing else different.


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If you are using the node editors from DP Filter,
the Render Buffer node simply output the Raw Color Buffer,
so any weird effects or issues come from the internal LW Buffer,
probably you could get same result from the classic
Render Buffer Export.
Posting your scene and settings could help to explain this,
but may be in another thread.

I am currently using a custom exr export plugin that my company wrote to export the buffers. When I turn that plug in off, I don't see the Raw channel anymore. Do I have to use the Node Image Filter?
I don't think you need the node editor for buffer export
if you have this custom plugin and don't want modify
or filter the final render.

I just did that, but still no cigar. Could it be that I am on Vista x64 maybe? I sent you a PM.
Pixel Filter works just fine though, which is the one I use the most. And I still have lw 32 installed, and there Image filter works perfect, so I'll just keep using that when I need the image filter node, if it's something with my system that prevents the x64 version to work all the way here for the moment.
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