Extra Buffer nodes

It will be more useful..

I can't see an Input node here,
If you mean something like a specific VPR input in the root node,
I will see if there are really user requests for this,
but nowadays, the Pixel Filter node editor is almost useless
for a F9/10 render, because of the lack of buffers
since the 2018 renderer introduction.

As a temporary utility i.e for tweaking lights,
it can be just remove or disabled.

If you mean something like a specific VPR input in the root node,
Yes, make output "VPR" inside of root (aka "input node"), so user could make nodal tree which is automatically toggling between full render and VPR.
This version is better for covering regions with very high values in the VPR preview,
I just replaced the "Normal" mode by "Negative" mode in the Mixer node.



  • VPR_zebra_pixelfilter.zip
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I'm completely amazed after going through all this incredible thread. Hats off for Dennis and Gerardo, what an incredible and talented team!
It is a pity that there are so many images lost, probably when last forum updated, but even though I think I could catch many brilliant techniques to start practicing regarding improving render qualities based of noise or extreme problem with highlights without the need of limiting the dynamic range, improving the native DOF from Image Filter, and also creating some slapcomps and do some look developent without leaving the tool.
Can't wait to start testing all this for the next couple of weeks.
Those render from Gerardo and completely amazing, film quality straight from the app!
Thanks both for such an amazing thread, and wishing Lightwave Digital will be better communicating with, and supporting Dennis, than previous owners...
Thanks again and keep this amazing work guys!
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