Extra Buffer nodes

You need to connect Store Extra Buffer node,
but this is not necessary with Get Extra Buffer node
for saving Buffers in their own files.

Thanks Dennis, I have been getting the same saving problems before but ill try it with this one.

Can someone with a network test these out please.....
One other problem Ive had is getting a small pixel offset when using the buffers as compared to a render (of the same) with the node image filter turned off. Seems also that using the shader on any object in the csne results on only half the processors capacity being used?? This happened to me on a quad core and a dual core.
In all, its a very usefull shader. I wish Newtek would integrate it throughout.
Small pixel offset has been fixed.
About Multithreading, may be this comes from Image Filter NE.

There was a offset in the saved image only (IFNE),
so I have modified the last (pixel offset) correction,
but seems that this fix broke something, I was a bit too fast
will post another version as soon as possible.

...the pixel offset came from a mistake in my sources,
(since my restoration on my computer)
found also a bug/break with Adaptive Sampling,
hope the last update is stable now (with known limitations).

Fixed also AA & Adaptive Sampling for using Get Extra Buffer node output
in Pixel Filter node editor (Force AA unchecked).

Updated (x32) Extra Buffer nodes
Fixed differences between classic and ACT camera in luminosity
with Classic Motion Blur.
Since my configuration was still not optimized
The actual x64 version could be different (an error
from me in the sources), the x64 will be updated later.

A few things i've found.

1. If the surface with a buffer on it is blocked by something or not seen in a frame, it won't output a file.
2. If the surface with a buffer is reflected on another surface, it will do that in the buffer output which is great, but it doesn't consider the reflection amount. So for example, if you have a ball with a constant colour for a buffer, and a ground with 10% reflection, it will show up in the buffer as 100% reflection, not 10%.
1-...Blocked by something !? What ? Yes, at least a spot must be
evaluated to init a buffer, or it will be ignored.

2-...How do you think Extra Buffer could know your settings?
Store Extra Buffer is only for storing a node output, there are
cases, which need some adjustments in your node setup or
a trick, but some details or scene+objects could help here.

ExtraBuffer nodes have been updated (x32),
Empty Buffer with unevaluated spot, was not saved and image sequence had
missing frames.

Like this. Attached is the base render, the buffer output, and the scene/object.


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First, the input alpha of ImageFilter node editor didn't work
properly, this has been fixed in the last x32 update,

I don't see a Store ExtraBuffer node in your surface node setup,
but I supposed you want input in the alpha buffer something
like your reflection texture layer, but the nodal system doesn't
provide any access to the classic texture
(except in the experimental Shader node editor with the Spot Surface node in the Beta forum...),

but you could use the Render Buffer node in IFNE to output the LW Mirror buffer in alpha (you need to check the Mirror box in the rootpanel),
or move your texture reflection settings in the node editor and
ouput them in a Store ExtraBuffer node.

dpont said:
...May be an useless experiment, but
beside the fact you could store directly soft shadows
generated by Shadows node in a Color Extra Buffer,
soft shadows can also be generated in Pixel Filter NE,
with only output World Spot in Store Extra buffer node.
(you can't see separate shadows pass in preview, this
is only available in Image Filter NE, but Pixel Filter NE
has AA which is better for smoothed shadows)

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where do I find each of the nodes on my system, in particular the render buffer node....

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