External file dependent

Ron Kirby

New member
When I load a scene...change my content directory to customer content and then try to save the scene I get the following message:
"External file dependencies still exist, operation ingnored"
What am I doing wrong?

Don Ballance

Director of Training
If you mean you get that error when using the content manager to export a scene:

All the content to be exported must come from the same content dir.
All objects must be in a folder that contains an object, images and scenes folders. If I load a scene for instance, then map something on it from another drive. If I try to export that to my customer content dir it will not work. I would have to copy the thing I mapped into my current content dir and then re mapp it from there and then export the scene.

Any prestine scene for the 3D Arsenal master content dir should export as it is all coming from the master content folder. Once exported you would copy all content to be used into the new exported dir and then start mapping.

Hope this helps.
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