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Hello, not sure if it is right forum to ask :)
Is there a way to reference to the object which expression is applied on?

For example: i have an object named "A".
I can access its channels referencing directly by it's name, like:
[A.Position.X], [A.Rotation.H]

But is there way to access channels of an object that expression running on, not pointing to it directly?
Something like "this" or "self" keyword in most programming languages.
Like: [this.Position.X] or [self.Rotation.H]
So i could use same expression with different items and could access their own values?
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I'm not 100% sure if this is possible using bracket notation expression syntax, but I don't think it is.

I would say that using lscript notation expressions could provide some solution when used in conjunction with Expression UDFs.

I've never tried it but in theory it could work and would offer a great deal more flexibility.


Thanks for reply.
With LS notation you can't call get(), pos() etc... methods without reference as well.
Looks like you are right there is no way to get reference to "self" item from expression.
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