exporting JUST An "Object", NOT A Whole "Scene"?

Joe Spinebuster

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I've been tinkering with Adobe Director's 3D stuff for a while, just making basic shapes such as spheres and cubes and such, and have made a basic little game with just a blank 3D environment and some Lingo. Now I kinda want to try drawing objects in Wings 3D, and placing them into my existing 3D "game" enviornment. I'm using LightWave to export the Wings 3D file to a ShockWave file for Director to use.
My problem is that whenever I export from LightWave to ShockWave, it exports the entire "scene" - as in, the object I drew in WIngs 3D plus the empty 3D environment around it. Does anyone know if it's at all possible to export JUST the object, so I can then use Director to place that object inside my existing 3D enviornment...?

If no-one can help with this, could someone advise me on how to simply name my object within the 3D scene that LightWave generates when exporting? That way I guess I oculd just use the scene that LightWave genberates in place of the one I'm already using in Director, if you know what I mean.

For the record, I don't need my object to be animated or really do anything except just stand there once it is in my existing ShockWave 3D environment! It's more or less just "ornamental", although it's sort of part of a game where a question is triggered when the player is within a certain distance of the object (hence why I need to know how to "name" it in the scene exported by LightWave, so that I can write Lingo for proximity detection).

Again, I am the newest of new to this so I apologise for any incorrect terminology or confusing phrasing used! Much appreciation to whoever can offer me some assistance here!

Joe Spinebuster

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Modeler can't export to ShockWave 3D (as far as I know), and that's the only format that Adobe Director will recognise. So I have to use Layout to export to ShockWave 3D, and I can only get that to export entire scenes and not just the single object within that scene! :(

Anyone know if what I want to do IS actually possible...? If not, can someone advise on how to "name" objects inside the 3D scene exported by Layout, so I can refer to it and manipulate it with Lingo code once I import it to my Director file...?

Thanks! :)


Fȯrum Mole
Hmmm.... never used that, but have you tryed to... Disable the objects you don't want in the Scene Editor?


Joe Spinebuster

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Even if you disable the unwanted objects it still exports a scene doesn't it?
Yup! Unless there's a way to disable the "background" / "environment", but I don't see an option for that.

I think my best bet here is to just scrap the existing 3D scene I built in Director and import the one exported by LightWave Layout into Director in its place, then use Lingo to recreate the elements of my existing 3D scene around the models created in the LightWave-exported scene! This would require "naming" each object within LightWave, though - is this possible? I'm pretty sure it is, and I'm pretty sure it's fairly basic to do, but as I said I'm pretty inexperienced with LightWave.

That being said, I will look into Blender and that XSI script-tweaking you linked me to and hope for the best... Although it may prove a little more complicated than I can handle. Still, nothing ventured nothing gained!

Thanks for all your suggestions so far. :)
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