Exporting bones to SW3D crsshes LW8


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Exporting bones to SW3D crashes LW8

I did a test scene with animation and exported it to Shockwave 3D and it worked fine. Then I added two bones (not even converted skelegons) and LW8 crashed saving only a black screen to be imported into Shockwave.

I have tried a few different scenes and every time I go to save a scene that has bones in it it crashes.

Mark Doyle's Test Scene crashes it too.
I will try and re-install Lightwave

Anyone got any better ideas?
Do bones (LW8 -> SW3D) work for anyone else?:confused:
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I'm having the same problem.

I created a box with some divisions in Modeler. I saved the object and sent it to Layout. I added two bones, activated the bones, moved the bone to deform the box at frame 30, and back again at frame 60.

When I tried to export to ShockWave 3D, Lightwave "quit unexpectedly."

I was left with a .w3d file with no content.

I then tried GuffySample.lws that came with in the Lightwave content file. I got the same result.

I've tried over and over with the same results. If I uncheck every option (no object, no bones, no textures, etc.), LightWave doesn't crash. Of course, then there is no use for the resulting ShockWave file.

I am using:

Mac OS 10.3.4
LightWave 3D 8.0 (Build 690 30-Mar-2004)



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I am not sure what you both have done in creating your models for shockwave as I have had no problems with LW8 in exporting to shockwave.

The guffy scene won't work because of the way it has been rigged. I will try and explain in a quick list of what you need to do and what the exporter does not export which has already been posted in this forum.

It really makes no difference in whether you create the bones as skelegons or in layout.
Make sure each POINT only has one weight map applied. Having more than one weight map will make lightwave either ignore one, crash or just have undesired results.
All bones must have a weight map to deform the mesh once exported to shockwave, If you have created 2 maps as I said above or just forgot to apply a weight map then it will not deform.

Here are a few things which the exporter does not export which which will be why the guffy scene does not work.

It will not export any item that is parent to a bone. Ie the weapons on the hand which is parented to the bone will not work.

Goal targets and ik does not export. If you have set up your character using ik and goal targets you MUST either bake your keyframes for the desired animation then delete all targets and goals etc then export. Basically after you are ready to export you want to have a mesh with just keyframed bones with no ik and no goals. The problem however you will find with the characters in the game content folder of LW8 is figuring out how to get the bones to work in the same way when u bake the keyframes. If a bone uses a goal target which in turn uses an another you cannot use the default baking function within lightwave. You are best to rig it somewhat differently.

( it can work tho because I have converted the one of the beahead animations into shockwave.... one of the ones which is not baked, but there had to be a bit of tweaking)

Hope this helps
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