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Graham Toms
OK..........Steve got me thinking in regard to creating this sub catergory on the Sketch of the day thread. Sorry Steve for moving your thread and using it as an excuse for starting a new section.

Hopefully this will encourage more posters to contribute more industrial Architectural design on this section. I got really inspired when I googled Syd Meid who Steve mentioned and though more about specific sub catergories.

So please throw your doodles and scribbles on this section that describes enviroments, props, natural vistas etc.



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Well hello there Bluerider an Friends ;)
I got a couple of pics here and I hope you'll like 'em, these were done in photoshop, I'm not very experienced in photoshop so they're painted from scratch using the painting tools already available...
My thanks for this thread, it's a great idea to share 'artsy' styles like this on the newtek website...
Many thanks and praises to Bluerider ;)


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Very impressive style.
How long roughly did you spend on them?

Definitely looking forward to seeing more of these.


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Thanks Twisted_Pixel !

I spent about 5 hours on the Cannibals starting with a preliminary sketch and spent about 7 hours on the wizard. For the wizard I set up a simple 3D scene set up and used the screen shot for reference. Both were assignments for Illustration class at Campus Ubisoft in Montreal... I much prefer Sci-Fi and the Wizard drawing was my first 'fantasy' scene... To my surprise I received a better grade for the fantasy pic lol.


Graham Toms
Awesome, thanks for posting on here. Did you use a mouse or drawing tablet? :thumbsup: :beerchug: :rock:


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I used my wee Wacom tablet to draw them up, the one at school is massive but the little one I have does the same job ;) and as a bonus can be done in the comfort of home away from a sterile class-room environment lol
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