Endomorph base mesh question


I know how to make facial expressions using endomorph and using background to morph to use different heads/expressions to the base mesh, but is there a way to change the base mesh outside of using modeler. I sculpt most of my heads in zbrush. I was wondering if there was a way to create a new base mesh somehow using background to morph. I've tried using the same name but it just creates another morph named (base) and won't overwrite the real base mesh. I find it too awkward and cumbersome trying to alter it in modeler as it lags when dragging the mesh. Anyone have any tips/ideas??
You can create a new base mesh without any endomorphs. Then put your original object in a background layer. Show each morph in turn with the M button and drop down menu in the lower right of the Modeler window. Then use the background to morph command to add each morph to the new base mesh.
Thanks for all the advice. I was able to copy most morphs to the new object except for movement's of the eyes like blink, squint as the neutral position of the rest of the face was different, so had to create new endomorph for this.
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