Effects bus as DSK


I'm fully aware with the limitation of the VT card only being able to bring in 3 external sources.

I understand that that is the reason that you can only have 'internal' sources as the DSK (DDRs, iVGA, etc...).


Well, are not the "Main" "Preview" and "Effects" buses 'internal' sources? Could not the buses (the output of the buses, not the source inputs on them) be routed internally as sources to the DSK?

The next logical step of course would be to request the ability for Live-Mattes to be included to create the alpha for the effects bus in the DSK.

This would allow the use of an external source as a DSK during simpler mixes (that don't require the use of the effects bus for other things).

- Mikko
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I can't comment on the likelihood of this ability being extended to VT, but it's certainly not a bad idea as feature requests go - in witness of which, it already exists in the new TCXD300 (so obviously someone agrees it's a desirable feature).

Any primary switcher (i.e., anything other than a Virtual Input) can be assigned to either of the two independent DSK channels, or the separate Overlay channel in a Virtual Input. And they all support LiveMatte. It's 'killer', so this is a fine idea. (Again, I don't know if VT has any inherent limitations in this respect or not.)


With the new power of Live-Sets & Live-Matte, the ability to somehow get an external input into the DSK for some situations is one of those "little" things that really would make the system very very flexible.

Of course the ability to assign inputs to the "DSK source" buttons (& encoders) on LC11 (or RS-8) would be pretty darn welcome too!

- Mikko
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