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is it possible to edit text provided by 3DA. I mean to change the "your logo hear" text to my text. the benifit here is not having to recreate text from scratch each time I need a different name or word. I viewed the on-line tutorials and did not find any infomation on how to change existing text.


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use easytext.
there is a video tutorial on how to do just this on the dvd or the 3DA website...or both.

It is really easy to do. You can edit the text, change the font, and all that.

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That is what 3DA does.
Use Easy text or the EPS loader to create your replacement logo.
Then load a logo scene and hit replace with object and select the logo you made. BAM.
There are new tutorials online and new configs so every version of LW matches the tutorials at http://www.newtek.com/3DA/downloads/

Watch the tutorials and they will reveal all.
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