eCycles render engine - coder available

I have a sarkastic art side, that bus in 3D with lw logo, and the passengers ask "no roadmap you say?".and the driver says, "yup..that´s right no roadmap"..followed by a sequence of images or an animation of that buss driving out over a cliff.
LoL, i had a laugh there..



LoL, i had a laugh there..

Yes..I have a sick fantasy sometimes, that one has been in my mind for quite a while, could be a little funny and vizrt and newtek should take no offense, just laught and go about business as usual.
Maybe, I´ll do a mockup, problably only comic stills though..and not animation.

if u do, timing is everything in animation, according to masters.

... soon going for a break... 5.30am... Zzzz...
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