eCycles render engine - coder available

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You can ask the Cycles4D guys if they want a cooperation. I'm open to discussion.
Otherwise, it's indeed planed to add support for other 3D packages.




a motion blur speed improvement of 10x (!)
was just announced for Cycles.

needless to say, i'm keeping an eye on this technology.


i've already started looking into a application script for LW <> Blender

it is basically using AHK to send files to eCycles.

easy stuff, but bit lill' time at the moment, will have to continue it down the road.


Me... Well, I was thinking to come back it to my dev one day (!) because there are some people love a lot Cycles and ECycles run most fast i ever see ^^ And That I want to make some interesting here because I love Lightwave so much so I don't give it up and that is for me wanna to rediscover...

Lastly i have improved a lot for my understanding from LW SDK mythical to integrate Cycles for LW :). But I still am blocked for my nodes, it works but false result :/

I have learning a lot from Cycles with source code, it works very well and quite easy to integrate it.

I will inform you when I will to take again my dev and finish this once and all now :p

Definitely it's a good thing, right ?

PS: Even if Lightwave is not sure for futur but there are a lot of room to create plugin as simple and powerfull ! So let's do for us than it need time to make it !


If anyone can find a video comparison between cycles and e-cycles when they test volumetrics, please let me know :)

Then I think the studio version E-Cycles Studio 2021 is too expensive at $899 , I can´t see mee invest in that just for the render engine alone.
the E-Cycles RTX 2021 for $299 is however acceptable to me.

Need to check it out more, nice if someone could show interactive rendering in e-cycles with embergen vdb files, so if anyone have seen any of that on youtube, please let me know .


no idea, that's a question for the B-forums, or eCycles forums i'd think.

hard to say.

True, wrong carried away since you were discussing e-cycles, but with reference to coding, but that is kind of another topic.
Will look around and ask in those forums.


Ok, I will soon resume my dev and I first will work Cycles for Lightwave and then eCycles for Lightwave. This time I will go to the end and finish this work because I have learned a lot this last time.

Thank you and see you soon
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