Ebay has mint condition early LW from PS1 dev kit.


Maybe not useful and just a collectors item.

NEW Playstation 1 Net Yaroze LIGHTWAVE 3D Programming Set Japan *RARE*​

PS1 Net Yaroze Lightwave 3D programming set from Japan, brand new and never used. Extremely rare - happy shopping!
The "playstation" term may be faulty translation. It is just LW4 for Windows. You can find the same thing as a "Lightwave for playstation" ISO file on archive.org. https://archive.org/details/LightwaveForPlayStation

This should run on everything up to Windows 10 (provided you have a parallel port and there's a valid license included). On Windows 10, this LW version will crash when opening scene or object files.

Without certainty that there's an accessible license to accompany the dongle, this would be a great way to lose $500.
Well, on the plus side, the register.newtek.com site for managing old LW registrations still works. On the minus side, the auction makes no discussion of the transfer fee, so expect to potentially pay another $100 on top of auction price (if even still possible) to transfer the LW license to yourself.

That price for that product is silly, frankly. The notion that it represents some kind of "collectible item" is questionable at best, and lacking that, there's very little to justify that pricing (esp. as it isn't even clear whether that's an "upgradable LW license"). Caveat emptor!
I bought a copy from this same seller a few months back. About 1/3 of what he is asking now. Be aware that the box and manual covers are English but the content inside is all in Japanese
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