Dystopian Cityscape fun...


Cool. My first thought is, if there was a way to add random fine detail like antennas, and pipes to the top of the buildings, it would take on another level of realism. I'm talking about the really thin bits that give it scale. Maybe adding them with instances based on distance in the Y, or something. Then render just the new bits in a separate pass, and composite in post, so you don't have to re-render the whole thing. Looks like a fun project.


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That sounds nifty. I wonder if I'll be able to figger that one out. At least I saved my files for this one. I have this quirky habit of deleting stuff all the time. Perhaps I'll look into it. To make it easier, I decided to save a separate version with "Save Trans Object" so it's all actual geometry now. Might be a good weekend project. Thanks for the prod... :)


PS> I want a few small lights in there as well. Probably near the center of the camera's rotation as if I actually meant it to be that way LOL.
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