DVE Director's Cut Retirement Party


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It's been a nice run with our best selling product for TriCaster, VT[5] & SpeedEDIT but its time has come to an end. Going, going gone. DVE Director's Cut will be no more in six days.

Last chance to save if you want to mix and match some of our best effects all in one package. We have a special retirement party price on FX product before... poooooooof, it's gone.




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Be the first one to spot the intentional system requirement typo and win DVE Director's Cut for free.


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But *Wait* There's More!

Yep. That "1 Yottabyte of RAM" definitely sounds like an intentional sytem requirement typo for DiscreetFX DVE Director's Cut for Windows based VT and SpeedEDIT systems, indeed -- but kind Sir, at the very least, I'd imagine Vista was omitted, while there's a jump from Windows XP to Windows 7 compatibility. Is this a deliberate typo?

And another thing:

Is it so, that this neat Effects package indeed works with "CS5"
and with the system requirement that one employs
a 24-bit video card and 1,024 x 768 display, yet at the same time, the requirement also states that a display of
1,280 x 800 or higher is recommended --

I'm so confused!
'Not nit-pickin' -- 'Om jus' askin'...

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Less than 12 hours to take advantage of this offer before DVE Director's Cut is slaughtered and gone.
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