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Hey all,
I notice Dstorm have taken down the bulk of their plugins. I have most of them as windows binaries, but does anyone have them as mac versions?


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That's a bit of a shame. Definitely a sign of the times, though. I probably have some, which specifically?


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It is understandable that these older plugins have fallen off. Some are still known to work in LW2020 (at least on the Windows side) but there's expense for dstorm hosting unmaintained code (people bothering support staff, etc).

While the wayback machine on archive.org has these dstorm plugins well covered, Mac users should probably scout out any Mac LW plugins from other developers before they slip away. I'm seeing at least 2 of the devs in my signature that have web sites that are not well covered by archive.org. I try to grab some Mac plugins from these sites via archive.org and all that is returned is "The Wayback Machine has not archived that URL".

i wish they had a "Download all" but hey...

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