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I imagine I'm probably missing something obvious. What I've done is captured about 20, 100 slide carousels. With each carousel, I've captured the slides in order from 1 thru 100; however, when they appear in the filebin, they're are misarranged, so that when I select all of them as a group and drag them into the timeline, they also arrive there no longer arranged 1 thru 100.

It's certainly a convenience that when I drop them on to the timeline, they are already staggered, so that all I have to do is use Ctrl-A to highlight, and Alt-F to obtain dissolves for all of the slides; however, since they arrive on the timeline out of order, I still have to rearrange them 1 thru 100.

Is there some basic procedure or command where I can get them into the timeline in the order in which they were captured ( 1 thru 100)?
An answer here could save me an immense amount of time.
Thank you
Arrangement in the Filebin is normally based on the file name. Files will autosort alphabetically or numerically.

I'm guessing that you may have named your files slide.1.jpg, slide2.jpg, etc., or something similar That would be fine if you had only 10 files. Once you go past 10 you'd be in trouble. Here's what happens in such a case:


If that is the problem, it's easy enough to avoid - one way is by naming the sequence .0001, .0002, etc. (Otherwise, maybe a screengrab of your filebin would help us figure out the problem.)
Numbering Slides

I understand exactly what you're saying and it makes perfect sense. Thank you for your input & explanation; it will save me hours.
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Also by default VT uses the 000 naming sequence so if you enter your file name as slide and start capturing it will increment your file name with the 000 suffix. There are options to change the format of the naming sequence in the preferences.
You don't have to re-capture and re-name to get them in order, of course. Here's what we do. Change the filebin listing, (upper right corner menu drop down), to "Details" rather than "Large Icon" etc. Then use the "Modified" column heading for sorting and they will reaarange themselves to the order you captured. You then can highlight the top of the list and go down to the bottom and hold the Shift key and highlight the last in the list and drag them to your timeline. I know you can just use the Modified column but that labels the pictures with dates and times rather than name and it may be backwards without you knowing it.
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