Drive Speed Has Dropped???


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I recently noticed my home system's drive speed has dropped to about 34mbs? I was getting over 100 before. The only thing that's changed recently is I installed the 3890 software finally. I'm sure that's not the culprit, but nothing else has been installed or deleted.

I even ran the "Disk Test" utility and it confirmed what the Toaster Auto Config said. I'm only getting between 34 and 36mbs.

My drives are 4-36gig 10k Cheetas. Disk manager indicates all are healthy.

Any thoughts?

Jim Capillo

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Boy Ted - you've been having hard drive problems lately - even with your "other" system.

I'd start thinking about a conspiracy if I were you...... :p

Scott Bates

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A dying, but still present, drive is a good possibility Ted. I lost one of four drives on my IDE stripe set the other day. The day before it left me I was going nuts trying to figure out where I had captured/stored particular files. By the time it slowly occured to me that they had been on that set not the SCSI set, but were no longer, it was too late, the stripe set disappeared. I managed to get it operating again for a few minutes and was able copy a few files off it, but then it went down for good. The moral of my story: if you have not done so already, backup everything important on that stripe set somewhere else, if you have the space, before it's too late.


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Here's your problem.

Your Toaster system is too close to your "other" system.
It's obvious the stupid is rubbing off onto your Toaster.

What you need to do is relocate your "other" system to a more convenient location......


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Scott, but would it necsasarally go down to the speed of exactly one drive??? I will be backing up that stuff later.

Rebel, this is my home system doing this. I haven't had "the other type sytem" at my home since it started making me a lot of money in my second edit bay!;) And it's still kicking butt. But by NAB I think It'll be getting less and less use. Ya wanna buy it?:D


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Darned you guys!!!:mad:
I hate it when you give me bad news!

Back to the old, remove one drive at a time, reboot, reformat.....

Well not tonight. It's our 16th Wedding Anniversary and I'm taking my Sweetheart to a nice hotel for the night!

Thanks for all the responses.


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By nice, you mean Motel 6 don't ya? ;)

LOL Do I wanna buy it????? :D

I bet I know a few nervous salesmen at "another" company who would like to ask me the same thing. Of course you do realize, if I actually did buy your old system we'd be breakin' the law. You're only legally entitled to purchase from these guys....


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Yea, that's about the most asinine thing I've seen them do.
I can't even muster the nerve to defend this, and you know I always try and look through those rose colored glasses.
All I see it B.S. regarding this issue!

I can understand on their site, but even taking on e-bay???
Oh well. Movin on.


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Well I backed up all the data, seperated the drives and tried making variations of Sripe sets eliminating one at a time. ame 34-36mps.

Then I found that using "Control Panel", "Administrative Tools", "Computer Management", I didn't have an option of what type af Stripe set to make, i.e. Raid 0-5 etc.

What am I missing? I thought I've done this before, but it's not there???
Anyone? Thanks.
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