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Yes, I've been a good boy
Hello All,

Here's a concept sketch of a dragon which I had in my head for a while and got her out this past December. I have to think some more about how the body and the story. All Pencil work, 'curved up' in shop.

So far...
Her name is House - Where does she live? In a cave. The heroes of the story have to go to her for the next part of the puzzle, but have to keep from getting devoured by the self-centered recluse and get her to help them. (I know it's loose and thin - but that's how most things start - right?)




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Yes, I've been a good boy
Thanks for the kudos.

'rider - I wanted to have a character that looked snobbish without need for an endomorph since she's self-centered. And your right - she does resemble a camel - I love how a piece can be interpreted so many different ways by who is looking at it.
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