DPont Vector cast/vector map animate ?

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I've sculpted something like a dune and made a vector map image using vector cast. Then I have displaced flat plane using Vector map node with the vector map image I got. I can animate scale of the displacement which is cool but I would like to slide this displacement across the mesh. How do I do that ?


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There's no animate option in the Vector Map node itself,
and vector image map is attached to UV map,
may be you could try to animate it in the Image Editor,
in the Filter tab, with "Animate Filter" set to on,
using Texture Filter, Image map with reset mode
and animating position?


Edit: Forgot to say that Bg color, around image map
should be set to 50% grey for getting zero displacement.
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bumping a thread from way back, hope it is ok

the U and V can now be animated, so it is now possible to create a Vector Displaced Wave.

Mighty Cool.

side note; Textured Filter (image editor) can be applied, but not animated.
an image sequence might work, currently testing.


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