Dp custom lights, crashing when enabling visible to camera.


Yes..it didn´t work when I visited..so for you at a different time and space is just irrelevant for me, it was you that was there on a time I wasn´t there, so it didn´t help at that time😁 ..

and I was busy eating🍌 Like a 🐒
but after finishing the🍌 I found that the glitch is now over, Denis probably made some changes and restricted access during that time I would guess.
Maybe he is updating his DP Lights to not crash, of course..it must be it🧠

Nope..old dates, but Denis needs to fix the date descriptions, sometimes it is
(updated 24/03/17)
sometimes it is..
(updated 01/22/21)
You only have 12 months in a month, and 32 days for days, so either the first value is wrong, or switched with the second value.
so he´s changing month, day, years differently, so it´s a bit confusing.

why not just make a proper date 2023-05-16
and don´t shorten the year to risc confusions according to the above case.
Also..if he ever updates the website, would be nice to have the latest releases first..to avoid scrolling unnecessary, and make a good habit of giving the latest releases first, not in the bottom of the page.

Other than that, he´s just great :)
(and I do fall back to the habit of being a knit picking whiner, from time to time :) )
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