Does your skype connect the first time?


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I have noticed that when we try to do a 3 way call (laptop calls the talkshow and another laptop) that it doesnt always connect. I was testing today and it just feels unreliable. I don't think its the hardware as much as it is the skype service. The issue I notice is that it wont always connect all 3 clients. Its like 1 out of every 5 times its takes longer than normal or just never connects to 1 of the clients. We will have to prep our caller a good 15-20minutes before the session to ensure we can get everyone connected before the session begins.

Anyone else experiencing that or just me?


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I may well be wrong, but I think of Skype TX client transactions as more 1:1 than 1:n. By that I mean, I think the principal notion is Skype Client > Talkshow > SDI > video program (and back) ... as opposed to using SkypeTX as just another participant in an ordinary Skype conference call. I'm not certain Skype TX is meant to do the latter.


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I've played around with this a bit. I can get this to work once by adding a TalkShow to a group call, but then it will not work again until you pretty much restart everything.

As Steve mentioned, this isn't a supported workflow, Skype TX is designed for point to point calls, not group calls. I don't think the ability to add a Skype TX into a group call was suppose to work in the first place.
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