Does ScreamerNet work with hyperthreading?


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And do I need a bat file for each thread or just per processor? And How does this work with multi-core processors? Would a hyperthreaded quad xeon need 4 or 8 bat files running as nodes?


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HT gives you about 20-25% more performance whether it is F9, F10 or SN.

Take my W5580 dual CPU box as an example. Each CPU 4 real cores or 8 HT cores, x 2 CPU, total 16 HT cores.

I usually have 2 nodes running on this box. If WTM is showing less than about 99% usage I might add another node or 2. Just make sure you have enough RAM to run the number of nodes you want to run. An odd number of nodes like 3 nodes for example with 16 cores is fine.

You also don't want too many nodes because if you have a massive scene it gets sent to each node, not each computer, when loading a scene & even with gigabit ethernet it can get painfully slow.


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You don't need run more than one node on a render node. I wouldn't recommend running more than one because you can run in to memory problems fast especially when you have a lot of threads/cores . LWSN is multi threaded just like anf9 f10 render.
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