Does Lightwave work with Director MX


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I am intrested in making computer games for the web, does Lightwave intergrate with Director MX.


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The short answer is yes, LightWave integrates with Director MX. You can create scenes with objects and save them as a Shockwave file (.w3d).

The long answer is that there some limitations that may or may not be a problem for you. You need to read the manual to be sure that your project is constructed in a Shockwave friendly way (textures are reduced to one layer, bones are set up the way that Shockwave can use them, etc.).

I use Shockwave and like it, but there are things I would like to see improved (mostly these are Director issues, not Lightwave):

* Scenes with large numbers of polygons bog down (well duh!, but still an issue).

* Anti-aliasing hasn't worked for me in a useful way.

* Collision detection is too slow to be useful to me unless I work with a very low poly count.

People with different types of projects will find Shockwave more useful or less useful depending on their goals.

A few people have posted links to LightWave/Shockwave projects. You could do an "advanced" search of just the Shockwave forum for "game" and turn up a couple of links. Or just use the "Display Options" at the bottom of the Shockwave Forum to look through previous postings to find links to online projects and to hear what issues are on the minds of developers.

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