Does Chronosculpt work with Lightwave 2018 files?


I hope this gets answered but I want to know if chronosculpt works with the new 2018 files? I can drag in the older models from 2015 but it will not take models created or saved in the 2018. Any help would be great. Thanks


I got my question answered. Chronosculpt does not work with Lightwave 2018 and they have no estimate when it will. Just in case anybody else had the same question.
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I would think it should work if you export a copy of the mesh from LW 2018 in the older LWO2 format. You'll lose the LW 2018 surfaces in the export but that doesn't matter for Chronosculpt. The .mdd file exported from Chronosculpt should work fine with the original mesh in LW 2018 as I don't think there's been any changes to the .mdd format.

Let me know if that works. I used Chronosculpt often with 2015 but not with 2018 yet.
Just wondering if you have had time to revisit this - Greenlaw is correct I believe - mdd exported from 2018 does work in chronosculpt - and as long as I export my model out as an obj (using modeller 2018), I have no issues loading scene into chronosculpt and then exporting it out again and loading into layout 2018 - have not looked at what happens to surfaces through process yet -- and to be honest - I am not sure if there are changes there since I am just starting with chronosculpt and never used it before 2018


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I was able to export the MDD file along with the OBJ option from LW2018.4 into Chronosculpt! Chronosculpt is not dead yet!

I had a complaint about not being able to isolate part of the mesh deformation when arm joint is in the way of the chest or hip, or common places where the hand would grab or shove a character. I thought Chronosculpt had some limitation in that area until I realize that you can alter part of the body while the character is in rig standing pose, then make a copy of that deformation and go to the part where you want to alter the mesh when the hands or obj is in the way of the mesh you want to deform and paste the deformation that you had made during the rig standing pose. Its a little bit of guess work, but it does work pretty good, and best to overcompensate, because you can go back in a do a soft erase till its perfect. So a punch to the face could make a face impact while in standing rig pose, then transfer during that punch in the animation, and keep the hands of the punch perfectly form.


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Is there / will there be a few more videos on actually using it I wonder? A new section in the Wiki perhaps?

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NT should make a new post in the Chronosculpt Announcements thread. It'd be refreshing to see a 2018 post instead of some news from 2013 ;)
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