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ack ack
Mike (Scazzino),

Have been testing snub 2.0.4 with LW2020.
All works fine, but I noticed at the beginning of the terminal entry
'mkdir: /Library/Application Support/Liberty 3D: Permission denied'.
It then proceeds to render as normal to the correct destination.

I have probably rendered Liberty3D stuff in the past from tutorials, but it's a bit bizarre.
Is there some kind of cache to clear.
Any plans to update this to 64 bit.
Currently it can't be used beyond Mojave.
I have constellation which is 64 bit, but cannot use other machines if newer OS.

I am sure users would be willing to pay a small upgrade fee......:D
OK just discovered NRC panel, and it does the same thing as snub launcher, so all good....:D

Reading the manual section, I didn't realise screamernet had been deprecated.
Update to this.
Screamernet hasn't been deprecated.....🤪, when I run the NRC, lwsn is what is running in the activity monitor to do the rendering.

It looks like Newtek have pinched Mike's interface for the NRC, unless he was paid..... ;)
The layout is pretty similar.
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