DLI Snub Launcher


ack ack
Mike (Scazzino),

Have been testing snub 2.0.4 with LW2020.
All works fine, but I noticed at the beginning of the terminal entry
'mkdir: /Library/Application Support/Liberty 3D: Permission denied'.
It then proceeds to render as normal to the correct destination.

I have probably rendered Liberty3D stuff in the past from tutorials, but it's a bit bizarre.
Is there some kind of cache to clear.


ack ack
Any plans to update this to 64 bit.
Currently it can't be used beyond Mojave.
I have constellation which is 64 bit, but cannot use other machines if newer OS.

I am sure users would be willing to pay a small upgrade fee......:D


ack ack
OK just discovered NRC panel, and it does the same thing as snub launcher, so all good....:D

Reading the manual section, I didn't realise screamernet had been deprecated.
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