Displacement Map Node set up HELP

I have exported a 3DCoat Ptex model into LW with all the relevant maps.

All get automatically set up correctly except the Disp_Maps which I assume you have to set up manually in the ...... Objects/Properties/Displacement Map/Edit Nodes

Attached is my node set up, which is how I am used to doing it in Zbrush.
As you can see there is 1 image map for the 1 UV Map I normally have.

3DC however has exported 4 Disp_maps and 4 UVmaps

Any help in changing the nodes set up to account for the extra 4 Disp_maps and 4 UVmaps appreciated.


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Well I think I have found the right solution which is to use a Scalar Node. (See attachment)

If anyone knows of a better way, please let me know.


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If you get that working, I'd love to see a tutorial!

Hi 3dWannabe,

Well the great thing about using Ptex in 3DC is that it sets up all your Normal Maps, Colour Maps etc (except Displacement Maps), automatically in LW.

You just just export your model as a LWO low poly and select which maps you want include.

Then open the LWO in LW.

All the maps will be correctly mapped so just send the model to layout.

In Layout select the Object then go to Properties/Displacement Map/Edit Nodes.

The easiest way to set up the nodes is to download this file and import this into the Nodes editor.

It was made for Zbrush, but works the same.

If you are using one ImageMap and one UVmap just add them to the ImageMap included. If using more maps, change the ImageMap for a Scalar Layer Map. Open the Scalar Layer add the image Maps and corresponding UVMaps.

You will need to adjust the Mutiply Node. The default is 16, I usually have it set to around 0.09. It will vary from model to model.

Render and enjoy.


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Just Making Waves
Thanks so much for the node setup. It is working on a cliff face of natural rock.
Someone else was looking for this solution in another thread, I will try and find
it and send them here.
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