Digi-Element's World Builder 2.2x


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For 150.00, you can have a fully upgradable version of Digi-Element's World Builder. I bought it for a job a while back and I never ended up using it. It's great for Architectural work or anything else that need a scene full of vegetation and landscapes. I even have the extra plants disc. The upgrade to 3.5 is only 289.00 which means even if you pay for both together, you get a grand total of just over 600.00 which is a saving of around 300.00 from places like DV Direct. Btw... This is the pro version, not the standard version. That means you can do stuff ike export geometry and network rendering plus a couple other things. Also, you don't have to upgrade but it is highly suggested. The version 2.2x is from the later 90's.

Heres a link to the site where you can get the upgrade if you so desire:


You can read about AWB here on its site:

It works with Lightwave, Max and Maya. I am asking 150.00 plus shipping. When I purchased it originally from a previous AWB user it cost 23.00 for overnight shipping.

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