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Finally got my new Registration # from Eyeon Software. I installed DFX+ on my new computer and then updated it to the latest patch 4.04e when I try to start it up it shows the splash screen then bam Blue Screen with the Stop error code of 0xD1.

Microsoft lists it as:

The rest of the stop error says MPSHLPR.sys address B6ED51C1 base at B6ECC000, Date Stamp 42934d8f

MPSHLPR.sys I don't know what it is. I did a search and it comes up in C:\I386 directory so no clue.

The Error for the Stop:0xD1 makes it look like hardware but the only thing that is hardware based is the Hardware lock which is using the only driver available from Safe-Net.

Its not hardware or memory [did memtest and had 34 passes without any problems].

I know it has something to do with DFX+ as when I uninstall it the Stop error and crashes stop.

Lightwave also seems to open very slow after this problem. As I have to start the hub seperate before starting Lightwave or Modeler or the load time is excess of over 1 minute.

anybody else have this problem? or know how to get around it?
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If you have Quicktime 7.0 installed, that's the problem (I'll bet). There is a problem with DFX+ and Quicktime 7.0 not getting along. Eyeon has contacted Apple about it, but as of yet there is only one solution -- go back to QT 6.5.
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