Designsparks mechanical and VDB export to Lightwave, import etc..


I just re-installed a newer version of Designsparks mechanical, which has one free version you can use if you just register an account.
in order to export out something useful such as obj if you want it back in lightwave for instance, you need to separately install the translators setup, which you can do after the initial main install.
This will give you some more options to export, see image.
And what do you know...I noticed it had VDB export in there as well, so I thought..heck let´s try it with Lightwave....and It worked.

Just tested the crude import with adding a null and in object replacement add the vdb evaluator, add the vdb info node and select your vdb file, and of course plug the proper grid output to the grid input.

Not sure if it is of use for anyone though.
for Importing objects from lightwave you can use obj import, and make solid.
Also ..You can use the save to 3D pdf so your made object in lightwave can be put in to a viewable 3D pdf for anyone not having a 3D software at all to look at.
You can of course use resample node and filters to increase or decrease resolution and smooth things out etc.

Don´t try it with blender though...

designsparks vdb 2 Lightwave.jpg
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Well...a bit of crossposting almost..
I started a new thread in a better suited section, called PIPELIN-Lightwave and Designsparks Mechanical.

Covering the basics of exporting from Designsparks with a proper file format and get the right scale, in to lightwave..the pull function is a multitool for dragging and rounding fillets, as well as pushing segments in a similar way as sketchup, dimension tools are there as well.

Later I will try and find time to better describe or record how to convert lightwave planar faces to solids in Designsparks then to editable curves so you can adjust fillets round corners, and trim the outlines/faces and much more.

Just switched to English language in the software in order to record it and for others to better follow along.
See thread here...


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I found this on my HD the other day when my OS was telling me I was running out space. I played with it for awhile and couldn't uninstall - nice little solids modeler.


I found this on my HD the other day when my OS was telling me I was running out space. I played with it for awhile and couldn't uninstall - nice little solids modeler.

it´s really neat, I am busy right now with a phonecall soon, but I will get back later with some handy tips, and exploration on when or why we could use Designsparks instead or together with Lightwave and discuss about that..if you have the time :)


Will have to take some small gif anims I suppose.
I´m still just a newbie on it as well I think, but I´ve managed to grasp some modeling tasks, edge loops etc..simple double click on edge, but you may have to double click twice or even three times for it to select the right loop in the right workplane you want (It´s harder with faceloops) how to extend extrude faces, how to divide
faces edges etc, how to extrude edges, how to Pull sweep for tubes and how to pull push for profile cuts, and fillet rounds.

The pull tool is a multitool, it´s a lathe/revolve tool, it´s a rounder/fillet tool, it´s an edge extrude tool, it´s a chamfer tool, it´s a sweep profile tool, it´s a push and move tool as well for faces when you push faces down, up, in or out in a similar way as sketchup does it, that part is something you can´t do with lightwave in the same manner cause you have bevel or smooth/multishift to perform such action yielding additional geometry, with solids and faces like this, it doesn´t and it is simply easier to push and pull faces in or out of geometry to lover segment parts or raise etc.

Ivé also managed to grasp how to work with splines in 3D, it´s a bit tricky, but you can create splines in all 3D planes, connect let´s say for or more splines like you would spline patching in Lightwave and then use the blend tool to create a surface of it all, you need to select splines in orders here as well to perform that actions.

Variable fillets round for a surface is also doable, only on one surface fillet segment at the time though I think, and only after you have made your initial surface fillet, then right clicking will give you the icons to click for variable fillet, and then after clicking that you will have handles on each side of the fillet to drag adjust, this is an action that requires a different approach in Lightwave to handle.

Sending the geometry over to lightwave is doable with obj, but the question is what you will use it for, if it´s for modeling task you need to extend on at that model..with subpatching, forget it if you do not have a cad loader that can convert to quads nicely, otherwise for quick rendering that doesn´t need additional model enhancement, you should be good to go even if it´s triangles.

Cloning pushed inset segments is easy by ctrl and dragging that segment, not possible in lightwave to do that.
I would recommend before you start the pull tool to fillet round holes or edges, first hold shift button in, and then pull push the edges, this will highlight previous fillet or edge rounds so the new round or fillet will snap to exactly the same radius.

I think I should stop here now, I have more to say..but someone said I write too much, so it´s up to you all if you want info on how to get started, or ask for a payed tutorial :)

Oh...don´t forget you can save out any object in pdf format as full 3D object baked inside the pdf for anyone without 3d tools to view in 3D, or print by cute pdf for simple viewport drawing blue print sort of style.
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May I beg the moderators to kindly move this my own thread to the Lightwave Third party section, given they have time to do so and finds that logical.
Coverage will also be included later on what to think about when transfering from and to Lightwave.

One potential good usage is to work out sketch drawing profiles in Designsparks, keep em flat, and those will be editable parametricly with accurate dimensioning measurments and tools that can be altered numericly for radius and lengt hetc to just jump in and adjust when needed, then send over to lightwave for extrusions and further modeling perhaps.

The thread to move it to is..
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