depth blur video tutorial?


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newtek had video tutorials online a while back, and there was one for depth blur in digital fusion v4.

is this still around?
can't seem to find that


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Hope it's not too late on this thread to find some answers....

Using DFX5. I've rendered a separate depth alpha for a project, so the depth information is not included in the RGB file. I've tried every way i can think of to get this to work, but i get no results. It seems the new mask triangles on the nodes should be good for something, but feeding the depth frames into them does nothing. The manual is no help...
I'm just trying to get a simple depth fog and depth blur to happen. Can anyone please tell me how i can get this to work, using a separate depth pass? Will anything in DFX5 take these grayscale frames generated in LW as the depth alpha, and use them to place fog, etc?

SteveCullum, your experience would be very useful here. There is nothing in the videos, new or old, about how to use a separate depth pass. And anything 'intuitive' i've tried.


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I assume you have the channel boolean node available in DFX5? Under Fusion its in the same place as the colour corrector tool I think.

All you need to do is attach the image your trying to blur to the BG input and the seperate depth pass the FG. In the control for Channel Boolean, enable the extra buffers and under Z depth choose the Foreground R . You should now see a Z depth buffer in your final image. Attach Z blur or whatever and adjust.

I'm not in front of Fusion right now, but I hope I didn't miss anything!



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Couple of screens to assist...


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Thanks so much, SteveCullum, for your reply. I've been trying out what you suggest -- the pics are helpful. problem is, no way do i get the RGB image through the Channel Boolean tool intact. The output from there is the greyscale depth alpha image. I've done it exactly as you have, and you are getting the RGB image out at that point.....
Ok, I switched it, and put the depth frames in the background input, and chose red BG. That seems to work! :thumbsup: Maybe it's different in DFX+5.



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Cool - glad its working!

If that happens in the future, you can switch which image is showing through by playing with the drop downs on the first section of the channel booleans. Either Background R or Foreground R for example. Have a play with it, you can get some fun results :)
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