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pekka varis

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I am about to start to study how to use LW to render Architectural videos for my customer who design large projects and could deliver cad models for me.

Are there any good and useable free scenes around? I though I could start by using LW on native renderer and just make nice:

- sky with textured environtment
- drop some trees - i know I can buy these from example from
- make a nice grass - I have no idea!!?
- some water too - I found this:

So what I need now is a demo scene for exterior architectural rendering.. with lights setup too..

Are there any? I found these:

but they are old..

Pekka varis

pekka varis

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Wonderfull! This is so great forum, I love you people..

I downloaded scenes and installed plugins. First I tried the LOFT and rendered it out. Sooo goood!

It is great but quite slow, so I also deleted the rug to render it faster. I also changed the SunSky light to normal distant light since there is no direct sunlight coming in.. I guess it also makes it render a bit faster..

What else I could to to make it render faster? I need to render Fullhd animation out of it. I have heard of baking shadows, can it be used here?


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For an animation where the only thing moving is the camera you can easily bake the secondary bounces from lights, (called radiosity, or global ilumination). By using the cache option. Lights can also have their shadows cached by using shadow maps, it's a tricky kind of feature that works great for some things and doesn't quite work for other things. To speed up a render you can lower radiosity settings, lower antialias samples, get rid of blured reflections and refractions, lower light and shading samples... optimizing without losing quality is almost an art.
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