Delta node + absorption for colored and transparent objects


Hi guys, is there a way to get similar look between delta node and dielectric node for transparent colored materials? I can't manage to replace the absorption for the Delta.
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One of the tools included is called "material tweaker" that can help you change/boost the refraction color.

Thank you Danner, I tryed but I can't get a good looking material, actually playing with refraction and transparency gave me weird results: to less it's kind of opaque, and to much is like luminous.
Other suggestions? I can of course setup a 'classic' fresnel glass, but delta and dielectric are way faster in rendering (I don't know, maybe because the calculation is done by algorithm in the node). The problem is that dielectric has some problems with Kray (I'm in trial with the demo in these days) and I'm looking for a good and faster solution.


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Have you tried the sigma one? If you make it transparent and stuff it can do some really cool stuff. (At the expense of render time)


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This is another example of why I always run back to the trusty Sigma2 node. It is a very powerful node. It's how I do wax, Legos, Gummy Bears, Milk, etc. It's very flexible. Only catch is when using Radiosity you have to bypass LW11.x Unified Sampling with regard to GI and crank the GI samples to rid yourself of unwanted pre-processing artifacts. I generally start around 32 and need to go as high as 64.
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